Let us show you that we care. Organization work can be both challenging and stressful. One way we can help is by outlining the communication methods that will fit your organization best during an engagement. Each organization is unique and we understand that the right updates, clear invoicing and straightforward contracts can make your own work with executives and board members easier. We believe our role is to help make you a success and we get the pressure and pitfalls of technology implementations, upgrades & custom projects.


What is RiSE? The new iMIS 20 is built from a configuration-friendly content management system that allows you to configure the view on any page for any type of user. Gone are the days of learning one system for your AMS and another system for your content management system. With RiSE, widgets or “iParts” can be used to place functional tools such as login, registration forms and member profiles on pages, as well as HTML content, images, videos and more. RiSE enables you to make decisions regarding the content that will appear on the page and to then set permissions as to who can view the content and which site the content will appear on. RiSE is the heart of iMIS 20 and it allows you to build what you desire.


Did you know that our iRenew Suite can work on any iMIS 15.2 or iMIS 20-300 iPart website? iRenew Suite solves the issue of inflexible billing by allowing members to view and select dues and subscription options for which they have not previously subscribed during the renewal process. Organizations can now effectively cross-sell and upsell products and services during standard renewals to maximize revenue while continuing to captivate member attention.